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Number Title (Click Title to Download Resolution) Date Approved by Central Committee:
18-01 Resolution in Support of the Fair Pricing For Dialysis Act 1/22/18
18-02 Resolution Opposing the City of Brea Public Assembly Ordinance #1201 1/22/18
18-03 Resolution in Support of the California Lawsuit Demanding the Environmental Protection Agency Immediately Release Ozone Level Designations 1/22/18
18-04 Resolution Opposing Offshore Drilling and Repeal of Environmental Regulations and Safeguards 1/22/18
18-05 Resolution Opposing Proposed Santa Ana River Bed Homeless Evictions 1/22/18
18-06 Resolution in Support of Protection of Net Neutrality 2/26/18
18-07 Resolution Calling for Reinstatement of the Santa Ana Needle Exchange Program 2/26/18
18-08 Resolution Calling for the Renaming of William E. Fanning Elementary School 2/26/18
18-09 Resolution in Support of More Housing in Orange County 2/26/18
18-10 Resolution Opposing Arming Teachers 3/26/18
18-11 Resolution in Support of the November 2018 Ballot Measure “Veterans And Affordable Housing Bond Act (SB 3)” 4/23/18
18-12 Resolution in Opposition to Dismantling Safeguards that Protect Marine Mammals 4/23/18
18-13 Resolution Supporting the Continued Implementation of ‘Beach Act Grants’ that Monitor Ocean Pollution Levels to Determine if Water Poses a Hazard to Beach Visitors 5/21/18
18-14 Resolution Calling for the Immediate Release and Asylum for Udoka Nweke 5/21/18
18-15 Resolution Opposing the Inhumane Trump Administration Immigration Policy That Separates Migrant Families Seeking Asylum 6/25/18
18-16 Resolution Supporting the Full Implementation of the CA Healthy Youth Act in Schools 7/23/18
18-17 Resolution to Stop the CMS Rule, Support Home Care Workers Freedom to Pay Dues by Payroll Deduction 7/23/18
18-18 Resolution Opposing AB 84 Political Reform Act of 1974; Political Party Committee Disclosures 7/23/18
Number Title (Click Title to Download Resolution) Approved by Central Committee on:


Resolution Calling Upon Orange County Elected Officials to Prohibit Diversion of State and Local Law Enforcement Resources for the Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws 2/27/2017


Resolution in Opposition to Trump Immigration Ban  2/27/2017


Resolution to Call For Justice re Anaheim February 22  LAPD Officer Shooting During Dispute With 13 Year Old Youth 2/27/2017






Resolution Calling on Anaheim and Local Orange Count Cities and County Government to Fly the LGBTQ Pride Flag from Harvey Milk Day through Pride Month 6/19/2017


Resolution Condemning Threatened Recall of Irvine City Council member Melissa Fox 6/19/2017


Resolution in Support for Retaining the “Johnson Amendment” That Protects Houses of Worship From Becoming Centers of Partisan Politics 7/24/2017
17-09  Resolution Opposing the Recall Attempt of Senator Josh Newman  7/24/2017
 17-10  Resolution Condemning the OC Board of Supervisors’ Rejection of a Modernized Voting System  7/24/2017
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